Nice and close

Steps away from the campsite you can discover many beautiful things.

Small lake just behind the camping

´Charca Casillas´ with old dam, mill and Roman bridge.

A long time ago

Valdefuentes: washing.

Black pigs

Delicious: ‘Pata negra’.


Benquerencia has a panoramic lake. A walk is very worthwhile. At the lake is a hide for watching birds.


All near and around the campsite.

Visigoth church

In Alcuéscar there is a Visigoth church from the 7th century.


On the banks of the Pantano Valdesalor is wonderful paddle. Under the eucalyptus trees you can picnic.


On the way to the restored watermill of Botija you cross this bridge. Follow with an enchanting walk along the river. The mill gives an impression of how in ancient times the grain was milled.


The “Ruta de los Molinos” (Mills Route) leads past 30 old mills. The higher you go, the better the view of the valley.

Zarza de Montánchez

“Terrona”. A monument, this 800 year old stone oak. A true giant.